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Cool and practical: mini fridge with freezer compartment

The mini fridge freezers are not only cool and practical, but also extremely versatile. With its integrated freezer, you can chill and freeze your favorite snacks and drinks at the touch of a button - perfect for hot summer days or spontaneous parties.

Why  a mini fridge freezer?

Hey, if you're looking for a stylish and practical mini fridge, then you should definitely get onewith freezerconsider! These little fridges have everything you need to keep your drinks and snacks cool - and then some!

With aMini fridge freezernot only do you have enough space for your favorite drinks, but also a small freezer compartment in which you can store ice cream, frozen snacks and even small frozen meals. These refrigerators are perfect for anyone living in a small apartment, shared apartment or dorm and don't have much space.

But that is not all! Asmall fridge freezeris also much more environmentally friendly than a large refrigerator, as it uses less energy. It also helps you avoid food waste by only buying and storing what you actually need.

A mini fridge freezer is also onegreat optionfor small families, singles or students who need easy access to cold drinks and snacks without sacrificing space in their fridge or freezer.

There is a huge range of small fridge freezers on the market, fromMinibars with freezer compartmentto small fridges with large freezer compartments - so don't forget to compare the different models to find the perfect fridge for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your stylish little fridge freezer and enjoy cold drinks and snacks whenever you want!

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  • How do you clean a glass door mini fridge?
    To clean a glass door mini fridge, you should first unplug it and remove all food and beverages from inside the fridge. Then clean the interior and the glass door with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Avoid aggressive detergents or abrasives that could damage the glass door.
  • What size are mini fridges with glass doors?
    Most glass door mini fridges have a capacity of between 20 and 60 liters and are typically 50 to 70 cm high. However, there are also smaller models with a capacity of around 4 liters.
  • Can I also store food in a mini fridge with a glass door?
    Yes, you can also store food in a glass door mini fridge. However, it is important that the refrigerator is sufficiently chilled to keep the food safe. Be careful not to overcrowd the fridge and allow enough air to circulate.
  • How much electricity does a mini fridge with a glass door use?
    The electricity consumption of a mini fridge with a glass door depends on various factors, such as the size of the fridge and the ambient temperature. As a rule, the power consumption is around 0.2 to 0.3 kWh per day.
  • Can mini fridges with glass doors also make noise?
    Yes, mini fridges with glass doors can also make noise. However, most models feature low-noise technology to keep noise levels as low as possible. However, if you have a particularly noise-sensitive room, you should look for a model that is specifically labeled "noiseless".
  • How big is the freezer compartment in a mini fridge freezer?
    It depends on the size of the fridge. Most mini fridge freezers have a freezer compartment that takes up about 10-20% of the total internal space.
  • Can I store frozen food in the freezer of a mini fridge?
    Yes, but it's important to note that mini-fridge freezers are typically not as powerful as full-size freezers. The refrigeration in a mini-fridge's freezer compartment may not be sufficient to store food in the same way as in a regular freezer.
  • How often does the freezer compartment of a mini fridge need to be defrosted?
    This depends on the use of the freezer compartment. If it is used frequently, you should defrost it every 3 to 6 months. If it is rarely used, it may take longer.
  • How much electricity does a mini fridge freezer use?
    Electricity consumption varies depending on the size and model of the refrigerator. In general, mini fridge freezers use less electricity than large fridges or freezers. However, you can check the refrigerator's energy label to determine the electricity consumption more precisely.
  • How much does a good fridge freezer cost?
    The cost of a good fridge freezer can vary by make, model, size and features. In general, however, you can expect a quality mini fridge freezer to cost between £150 and £500. It is important to consider your needs and available budget before making a purchase. It is also advisable to compare the prices and features of different models to find the best deal.
  • How does a silent mini fridge work?
    A silent mini fridge works in the same way as a traditional fridge. Cooling is provided by a compressor that pumps the coolant through a closed circuit. The difference is that silent refrigerators have special soundproofing to minimize operating noise. In addition, some mini fridges can have a Peltier element, so that the minibar is cooled electronically and therefore has no moving parts - which makes it even quieter.
  • How loud is the quietest refrigerator?
    There are some refrigerators on the market that are advertised as being very quiet. However, most still have noise levels of around 38 to 42 decibels. However, it's important to note that these ultra-quiet refrigerators tend to be slightly more expensive than their louder counterparts.
  • Is 42 dB loud or quiet?
    A noise level of 42dB is typically considered moderate and can be perceived as loud or quiet depending on the environment and personal sensitivity. However, compared to other household noises such as a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine, 42 dB is rather quiet. However, when it comes to using a refrigerator in the bedroom or in an environment where absolute silence is desired, a noise level of 42 dB could be perceived as annoying.
  • Can you sleep at 40 dB?
    It is possible to sleep at a noise level of 40 dB as this is a relatively low noise level. However, it also depends on personal preference and sensitivity to noise. Some people find a slight background noise calming and can sleep well at a noise level of 40dB, while other people prefer to sleep in complete silence. It is also important to note that each person reacts differently to sounds and therefore there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.
  • Are silent mini fridges energy efficient?
    For cooling devices with a built-in Peltier element - thermoelectric cooling - the energy consumption is mostly slightly above average in order to achieve quieter operating noises.


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